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Before giving you a concrete idea about the products, it is a good idea to first know about the two different kinds of extensions that are generally found in the market. There are two kinds of extensionsand both serve the similar purpose but the quality of the services, durability and the possibility of styling the hair vary in both the cases.

Real Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Before you begin to explore the various kinds of hair extension applications, it is important for you to know that the hair extensions come in two forms- synthetic hair extensions and real human hair extensions. Both these forms of hair extensions have different purposes and knowing the difference between the two is significant.


Human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are made out of real, human hair from top to bottom, collected from a donor. The quality of the extensions is given special care and the Remy hair ensures that all the cuticles are intact. All the cuticles flow in the same direction and due to this reason, the chances of entanglement are significantly reduced.


These kinds of extensions are made up from the blend of various kind of fibers with no trace of human hair. In these kinds of extensions, very fine and thin plastic fibers is manufactured to imitate the real hair These fibers are usually very fine, plastic fibers that are manufactured to imitate real hair.

Both these kind of hair extensions come in various kinds of styles and forms and can be applied in multiple ways. Though the quality of the synthetic hair may vary, but since they are made of plastic, they do not blend naturally with the natural hair. The synthetic hair has to be used as it is. They cannot be styled or colored. The human hair extensions look like the natural hair and it can be styled in many ways.


The most efficient way of getting the thick and voluminous hair is getting hair wefts. They are easy to carry and give a realistic look to the wearer. They are also very easy to style. It gives a perfect look to the wearers. Primarily, it comes in three different styles

1. Machine Weft Hair

In these kinds of hair, the hair is sewn on a special sewing machine creating a string like weft of hair that is generally very strong. The hair is sewn once and then it is folded over and sewn again so that the hair does not slide out of the seam. Only the people with thin hair might find it difficult to carry them. Using special keratin glue, the hair can be easily glued in. They do not damage hair and can be easily removed by using either oil or solvent.

2. Hand Tied Weft Hair

This category consists of small strands of hair woven into a few strands of finishing line. Expensive than machine weft it is much thinner, more unified and also less likely to shed. They are usually made to a specific length needed and are best applied with any sew-in method.

3. Skin Weft Hair

This category is new and recently introduced in the market. The hair is embedded in polyurethane tape that resembles skin. These wefts are then installed using a special adhesive tape.
A single weft means that there is only one line of hair sewn onto one mesh, whilst double weft -hair extensions means that there are two single wefts sewn together on one mesh of hair. Meanwhile, a triple weft and quad weft have triple or quadruple the amount of hair sewn onto one mesh.

Our Principles

1. FOLLOWING TRANSPARENCY IN OUR DEALINGS- We believe in being absolutely transparent in our approach towards our work. We are always willing to share as much information and details as the clients would want before nodding affirmatively to our services. Unlike most of the rival brands, we do not impose our choices on the clients but do let them decide for themselves

2. ASSURING QUALITY- We work on the principal of ethics and morals. Compromising with the quality equates to cheating the clients and depriving them of the best products and our company is known for treating its customers with utmost respect and consideration. All the products that are manufactured at Revamp International exhibit quality and class. One would know the3 difference the minute he or she starts to benefit from our services.

3. UPDATING AND IMPROVING OURSELVES – We do keep ourselves updated about the changing requirements and changing climate in the fashion industry. Whenever a specific requirement is made, we make sure that that it is addressed duly and the clients are satisfied with the products in which they invested. We do believe in constructive feedback and keep on working towards improving our services even more so that our network could get greater exposure and acknowledgment in the times to come.

4. MEETING CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS AND SATISFACTION- Our services operate and function for meeting the demands of the customers only.

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