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Mono filament / Mono Top

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This is a weft wig that features an inset of transparent micro-mesh sewn in at the crown, with the individual strands of synthetic fiber or human hair hand-tied neatly into the mesh. Mono-tip wigs look quite natural as the hair seem to be coming out from the real scalp. Sometimes referred to as 'medical wigs', these wigs are commonly used by women with perfectly normal medical condition to enhance their look. All mono-tip wigs feature 'tape tabs' on the inside of the cap, usually in 4 or 5 spots. These tabs are made of a shiny plastic material, and allow the wearer to use double-sided tape to secure the wig to the head, if necessary. Generally, mono-top wigs are recognized as a higher quality wig product and are hence more expensive. Hand tied in the parting or crown area of the wig, the monofilament allows individual hair to be hand tied to the construction for a naturally gorgeous style.
18″             16000/-
20″             18500/-
22″             21500/-
24″             26000/-
26″             29500/-
28″             35000/-
30″             42500/-



Available Lengths 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 inches
Available Colors All colors from our color guide
Hair Type 100 % Natural Human Hair
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